Hey, I'm Beth! I'm a cook book author, photographer, stylist, educator, as well as the lady behind the curtain over on Local Milk, my food, travel, and life-style blog. I also host creative retreats & teach photography all over the world through Local Milk Retreats. Based between the Appalachian hills of Tennessee, my work and events are inspired by the beauty of the imperfect & mundane, wanderlust, the art of slow living, sustainable food, and light. My work has been featured in Food & Wine, Better Homes and Gardens, Huffington Post, Food52, Kinfolk.com, The Kitchn, Saveur, Bon Appetit, and more. When I'm not behind the stove, lens, or keyboard I can usually be found combing farmers markets & flea markets alike in search of inspiration or cooking for friends in my kitchen or theirs.

My photography. 
My photography aims to capture small moments through prosaic, natural light driven photos. I'm largely inspired by the notion of finding the familiar in the foreign, by nesting wherever you go, as well as conversely finding the exotic in the everyday, of traveling even when you're at home. From cookery to coast lines, geometry to shadow, I try to capture intimacy, quiet beauty, and simple adventure.

My styling. 
Line, shape, color, and texture all come together to tell a story & invoke a mood, whether it be of a recipe, home, clothing line, or still life. My style is what I call "Appalachian wabi-sabi", a rustic minimalism that balances the vintage with the modern, the cluttered with the clean. I prefer to work with muted, neutral tones and natural textures like metal, wood, linen, concrete, marble, and ceramic. Synthesis of disparate aesthetics in order to produce an entirely new one is always my goal when styling, and instead of striving for the pristine, I work towards an organic, lived in look. 

Creative Consulting & Digital Marketing

Whether you want to work together to tell the story of your brand & product, design a campaign, or invigorate your brand's social media presence, I can help. I work with businesses both small and large as a creative director, production designer, and consultant to curate content, style & photograph both editorial and product photo shoots, and assist with social media & digital marketing through the creation of organic campaigns that create value for both the brand and the audience.

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